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Beattunes in the dunes, at the UAE desert.


  Name Kliment
Genre Progressive / Psychedelic / Ambient
Country Bulgaria

Kliment Dichev solo project emerges after years of musical creativity between ambient/chill out and dark progressive/psy trance. Featuring several music projects (Samodelia, Ar Kane, Mana, Disham - ouim.net), now I work mostly alone, sometimes with guest instrumentalists. Along the electronic works, I was also involved in a movie production as music composer.

Most enjoyed gigs (at festivals): Boom 2004, Easter Sunday 2005, Transylvania calling 2005 and 2007, Ozora 2005, Soulclipse 2006, Underwater-Overground 2006, Gathering of the Tribes 2007, Sziget 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, Sofia Earthdance 2006, 2007.

Releases :
• ’Origins’ EP incl. Moshic remix, (Contrast records IL, 2008)
• Two ambient tracks on VA Swa-raaj (Chill OM Records India, 2008)
• VA Mioku (Controne records BG, 2008)
• ’Memories of a picture’ EP, (Iboga Records DK, 2007)
• VA Electro Therapy (Electrik dream UK, 2007)
• VA Cosmic chill Orange (Electrik dream UK, 2007)
• VA Floating point 4 (Sofa Beats DK, 2007)
• VA Port 1 (Port 1 records, BG, 2006)
• VA Artmospheric (Altera magazine, BG, 2006)
• VA Cosmic chill Red (Electrik dream, UK, 2006)
• VA Beat om Beat (Mindsound records, DE, 2005)
• VA Goa 2005 vol.3 (Y.S.E. - Millenium records, UK, 2005)

Online releases:

Kliment - Time Revision B, OUIM.net (2006)

Kliment - Time Revision A, OUIM.net (2006)

Kliment - Far Above, OUIM.net (2005)

Mana - Music, OUIM.net (2003)

Samodelia - Trance, OUIM.net (2002)

Samodelia - Ambient, OUIM.net (2002)


- Live @Club Element Sofia May 2011 beattunes.com
- For beattunes.com 2nd anniversary April 2010
- Live @ OUIM5years - On beattunes.com - Dec 2009
- Live For Beattunes.com April 2008
- Far Above beattunes.com 2005
Links http://www.myspace.com/klimentd http://www.kliment.beattunes.info
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