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Beattunes in the dunes, at the UAE desert.


Genre Psychedelia
Country Lebanon

To be downloaded and taken by prescription only.
Keep Out of the reach and sight of Cheesy peeps and fake FM+followers.
Store at your hEAD, IPod & HD. Protect from excessive moisture.
Each set contains 2 hours of hEAD mUSIC. Don't ask how many tracks! Some are less than 120 min others are more than 1200 sec! 
You can call it a Show, you can call it a set, it’s a Journey back to psychedelia Era.

Four decades of Multicoloured Psychedelia, Weird Party Soundz & Cosmic Space Music...


- tRIP016 - beattunes.com Nov 2010
- tRIP015 - beattunes.com Nov 2010
- tRIP014 - beattunes.com Oct. 2010
- tRIP012 - beattunes.com Oct. 2010
- tRIP011 - beattunes.com August 2010
- tRIP010 - beattunes.com August 2010
- tRIP009 - beattunes.com July 2010
- tRIP008 - beattunes.com July 2010
- tRIP007 - beattunes.com June 2010
- tRIP006 - beattunes.com June 2010
- tRIP005 - beattunes.com May 2010
- tRIP004 - beattunes.com May 2010
- tRIP003 - beattunes.com April 2010
- tRIP002 - beattunes.com April 2010
- tRIP001 - beattunes.com March 2010
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