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Beattunes in the dunes, at the UAE desert.


  Name BassicK
Genre Dubstep
Country Lebanon

Launched in February 2012 in collaboration with beattunes.com presented by Skitzo and DAO from the DMG* crew; "BassicK" is a series of monthly podcasts that cover a wide variety of bass-driven sounds from dubstep all the way to future garage.

Every month showcases a different up-and-coming guest from the local or international scene. Expect energetic sets, head drilling basslines & some gnarly beats thrown in for good measure.

Hosted by DAO (Lebanon), typically shuffling anything from ambient blaze-out tunes and syncopated space-hop to heavy-duty dubcore and breakstep. Passion for electronic sounds is redefined by his sets. A raw obsession & a brilliant ear.

*DMG is a collective of DJs, Artists, Photographers, Designers & Music enthusiasts promoting and spreading a wide range of Electronic Music (Drum 'n' Bass, Dubstep, IDM, Breakcore, Breaks,Glitch, Jungle, Hardcore, Techno, Glitch-hop...etc) in Lebanon.

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- Bassick Sessions 008 Feat DAO & Llamatron beattunes.com
- Bassick Sessions 007 Feat DAO & STAZMA beattunes.com
- Bassick Sessions 006 Feat DAO & 6BLOCC beattunes.com
- Bassick Sessions 005 Feat DAO & Juss B beattunes.com
- Bassick Sessions 004 Feat DAO & Culprate beattunes.com
- Bassick Sessions 003 Feat DAO & Roel Funcken beattunes.com
- Bassick Sessions 002 Feat DAO & BRAINPAIN beattunes.com
- Bassick Sessions 001 Feat DAO & BALKANSKY beattunes.com
Links http://soundcloud.com/bas-sick http://www.facebook.com/groups/dmgcrew/ http://www.facebook.com/dmgcrew http://www.bassick.beattunes.info
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